Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sweet Corn!!

We decided to plow up more of our yard this year and give sweet corn a try! It is growing quite nicely and it is nice not to have to mow this part of the lawn. Anders enjoys running up and down the rows playing in the corn. I am excited to start picking! Kris figures if things go well, we will have over 300 ears of corn!!
Child of the Corn

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mount Olympus!

The Noll Family invited us to Mount Olympus in the Dells for the day. This is the 3rd year we have gone with them. Badgerland Insurance has an appreciation day for farm families around WI at Mount Olympus once a year. The Nolls always have extra tickets and they have been so kind to include us. It has always just been Anders and I, as Kris always has something going on.

It was a beautiful day and it has been fun to see how much braver Anders becomes each year. The first year we went, Anders would only go on this tiny duck slide.

July 2012

Nessa and Anders!

Anders' favorite waterslide!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

T-Ball Fun!

Anders has enjoyed t-ball this summer, even though we missed a few games! I just wanted to post a couple of pictures. I admit, I was not very good about pics this year, but I took a few at yesterday's tournament!

Getting ready to run home!

Wil and Anders

T-ball 2014!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Viva Las Kindergarten!!

I spent last week in Vegas for the National I Teach K Conference!! It was a great experience and I learned a lot of new things that I will take back to my classroom! Stacey (a co-worker) and  I enjoyed 14 sessions over 4 days and also enjoyed some time away from the conference! This made for a very tired kindergarten teacher after returning home!

The conference was held at the Venetian, but we decided to stay at the Flamingo because the price was right. The rooms were very nice--our hallway carpet, not so much. I think it must have been the original, as it had a nice wavy look.

We decided a show is a must while in Vegas, so we decided on Mamma Mia. It was at the Tropicana, so we took advantage of the Vegas bus system. What a great deal! I wish we would have known better on past trips.
Stacey and I at Mamma Mia!

More conference pictures....

Ms. Shari Sloane!! Love hearing her present! She is so sweet and has great ideas! She teaches in Lakeville, MN!!!

Mr. Harry from Harry Kindergarten! I didn't see him present, but I love his You Tube sites!

Deanna Jump and I! She is a very well known kindergarten teacher who has some great ideas! She has made over 2 Million Dollars selling her things on TeachersPayTeachers!!

Showing off the CVC apron! A lady (Sandy Welch) that Stacey met last year started making these and a lot of the presenters showed them at their sessions! I think she is going to be busy making them. We sat with Sandy at the blogger/teacher meet-up and she said she would send us a boo-boo one (they are normally $45.00).

We went to a Kindergarten Teacher Blogger Meetup on Wednesday evening. When Stacey and I went two years ago, there were not even 100 people there. This time, there were almost 600!! Last year, Stacey won her tuition paid for this year's conference. We were hoping to get lucky this year, but no such luck!

Stacey put our fancy badges in these nice badge holders!