Saturday, May 24, 2014

Monkeys and Morels

Anders has been working really hard trying to master the monkey bars. On Sunday, I took him over to Wabasha to play at the park--as Rieck's Lake Park in Alma was still flooded. We found a quiet fun park on the north end of Wabasha and enjoyed some time there. He was all smiles when he was able to get all the way across on his own. A couple of days later, he was wondering what the "bumps" on his fingers were (blisters). We will take a rest from them for a while.

Kris took Anders over to a friend's cabin last night to stay the night and then get up and go turkey hunting this morning. They had a fun night and a good morning turkey hunting. There was no luck with a turkey, but they found some yummy morels on a hike back from the turkey blind!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Kris!

We had a busy, but fun weekend and the weather has proved to be hopeful for things to come! Yesterday, we headed to Frederic at around 7:30 am. Our brother in law Aaron has been helping us find a new car (new to us), as we are ready for a change, and the van is in need of some work in the near future. We agreed on an Chevrolet Equinox because of the gas mileage and the fact that it has AWD--a necessity for bluff-top living :). Anyway, we were happy with the car Aaron found for us.
Our new car!

Kris took off for home in the new car, as he had a graduation to go to. Anders was with Grandma Lolo while we got the car, so I met Grandma Lulu, Grandma Lolo, Anders, and Ruby at the Café Wren in Luck for a belated Mother's Day lunch.
Ruby and Anders had a blast playing together--even though it was a short visit!
Silly Cousins!
Testing out Gramma Lolo's newly painted furniture!
A visit with cousin Jude! Loving some baby time!
Anders picked out these Rio 2 cupcakes for dad because he really thought the rings would be cool!! I am sure dad thought so too!
Anders also got his dad 2 raspberry bushes for his birthday! We were able to plant them today!
A beautiful and fun weekend! Kris is grilling spare ribs for his birthday dinner tonight and I will make a side of fried potatoes! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

There is nothing more rewarding than being a mommy! I love the little joys that motherhood brings (as I am typing this--Anders just came in with a bouquet of dandelions :).
He just melts my heart!

Anders brought this card to me in bed this morning!

He also brought me a plastic bag of grape jelly so we can feed the orioles!
How sweet!

When I came out into the kitchen, Kris had brought this in for me.

Actually, I thought this was my Mother's Day present last weekend when we had to get a new vacuum--our old one died.
What a fun start to a beautiful day! I
Anders thinks we should do something special today for Mother's Day. When I asked him what, his reply was, "Go to Chuck E. Cheese."
I think we will go to Winona later and walk around the lake instead, although the Chuck E. Cheese idea was quite clever! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

School House Rocks!!

All of the Elementary Students in Grades 4-6 participate in a spring musical. This year, the play was School House Rock! What a great show with a lot of talent and entertainment. I took Anders, and we met up with Tanya, Wil, and Clare. They are the best of buds and were pretty well behaved during the show.
Great friends stick together!




Getting the last of the sillies out!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Anders brought home this card for me today from Fig Tree. He was pretending it was a kite when we got home, so I didn't even realize it had things about me written on it. I had to crack up when I read the last one. He knows me too well! I do love a good nap!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week!

I found this cute idea on Pinterest and am going to give it to Anders' teacher this week for Teacher Appreciation Day! I asked Anders if his teacher likes to drink coffee. His response was, "Yeah, she pretty much drinks it all day long!" I plan to head over to Starbucks after work tonight to grab the gift card and coffee cozy!
It is always reassuring to know that Anders enjoys going to school each day! It puts me at ease, knowing that he is in great hands!

Busy Beehives...: teacher appreciation

Sunday, May 4, 2014


I am so excited to be starting a blog finally! I am horrible about printing pictures, so I thought this would be a fun way to keep track of the Johansen Family and their day-to-day adventures!
 The blog looks pretty plain right now because to be honest, I have a lot of learning to do! We shall see how this goes. I may need to get some help from Kris' Aunt Wanda--as she is the expert in this area!
Let me introduce my family:
Lora, Kris, and Anders!
Anders Dakota Johansen!